Femirenew (Genital Aesthetics)

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Femirenew (Genital Aesthetics)

Clinical Solutions for Better Feminine Life

Aging and deliveries lead to hormonal changes over the course of time, which if combined with physiological processes of female life cycle, may lead to various health problems, including but not limited to urinary incontinence, vaginal loosening, vaginal dryness and recurrent infections. Symptoms of those conditions may negatively influence quality of life and hinder the ability of women to have a normal lifestyle. Whatever your life cycle is, Femirenew will assist you in regaining self-confidence and restoring your previous form by improving your private life. Femirenew is a procedure that offers minimally invasive, rapid, safe and remarkably efficient solutions to women’s health problems, and this outpatient-based treatment does not require anesthesia and does not lead to loss of time.

What is Femirenew Technology?

Similar to the skin, vaginal tissue is formed by collagen fibers that provide strength and elasticity. Femirenew uses ground-breaking CO2 laser technology in order to heat vaginal tissue, ensure contact with existing fibers and stimulate new collagen synthesis. All those effects translate into normalized blood circulation and boosted lubrication and immune response, resulting in regain of endurance and elasticity in vaginal walls.

What are fields of use for Femirenew?

Treatment of Urinary Tract
Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) implies involuntary urine leaks due to activities that increase intra-abdominal pressure, such as coughing, sneezing, laughing and doing sports. The condition arises out of decreased strength of urinary tract due to weak resistance of the pelvis. Femirenew cures the whole region that supports the urinary tract and increases thickness of vaginal wall and resistance of the hipbone. The treatment not only alleviates symptoms of Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI), but it also restores ability to control continence.

Vaginal Tightening
Severe enlargement of vaginal tissue that develops over time and especially in postpartum period leads to feeling of loosening and loss of sensitivity in the vaginal region. Those conditions result in decreased sexual pleasure during sexual intercourse and low quality of life. Femirenew reforms and stimulates synthesis of collagen in the vaginal wall and increases sensitivity of vaginal nerves and boosts vaginal tightening and sexual pleasure.

Vaginal Dryness & Recurrent Infections
Femirenew helps women coping with vaginal dryness and recurrent infections by rejuvenating and renewing vaginal tissue and boosting lubrication. Treatment makes immune system of the vaginal region stronger, resulting in better resistance to infections, and makes vagina regulate physiological pH level better.

Genital Bleaching
Dark discoloration may develop in female external genitalia due to pregnancy, use of contraceptive bills, cystic diseases such as polycystic ovary syndrome, hormonal fluctuations, elevated estrogen – the female hormone- and some skin disorders. The dark discoloration can be more remarkable especially after delivery and in patients with dark skin color. Even if there is no reasonable etiology, genetic predispositions and genital hair removal may also lead to dark discoloration. A part of hair removal methods may darken the genital region by increasing synthesis of “melanin” pigment in the skin. The discoloration does not lead to a physical problem, but laser provides satisfactory outcomes for people who request previous forms and aesthetic appearance in the genital region. Fractional carbon dioxide laser peels the skin, resulting in lighter skin color in the genital region. Laser beams inactivate melanocytes that produce the melanin pigment, which is found in dermis layer of the skin and is responsible for the dark discoloration. The laser-assisted superficial peeling can lighten skin color of the genital region by 2 to 3 shades.

Postmenopausal hormonal changes cause thinning, dryness, loss of elasticity and swelling in the vaginal tissue. Femirenew not only renews and rejuvenates the vaginal tissue, but it also thickens vaginal wall and restores lubrication. The treatment alleviates annoying symptoms, such as itching, burn and friction, and helps improving the sexual activity.

Postpartum rehabilitation
Childbirth is an important event of the life cycle and leads to many physiological changes in female body. In postpartum period, tenderness and dryness develop in the vagina and pelvic floor resistance may weaken. Femirenew strengthens and forms the vaginal tissue and restores the prepartum conditions by curing the vaginal region completely.

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