Lip Surgery

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Lip Surgery

In some people, the lip structure may be thin, or with aging, the amount of fat tissue in the lip may decrease and the lip thickness may decrease. There are many attempts that can be made to change depending on the problem and age of the person for lip thickening.

  • Thickening the lip using permanent materials taken from the body
  • Thickening the lip using filler materials
  • Advanced surgical operations of lip mucosa (red part)

As a filling material, autogenous (taken from the person himself) filling substances or foreign substances can be used. Dermis grefts, fascia grafts and fat grafts from autogenous substances can be applied for lip thickening purposes. Fat grafts are limited in their permanence due to the fact that they are largely dissolved after a certain period of time. Dermis and fascia grafts are tissues that are less dissolving and longer lasting. These tissues are placed into the lip and lip volume is increased, so the lip thickening is provided.

These procedures are easily performed under local anesthesia. Swelling usually disappears within 7-10 days.

It is used to thicken the lip, injected under the skin and under the mucosa, and hyaluronic is an existing substance in the body, so lip thickening is a non-surgical method. One of the longer effective filling materials developed in recent years and applied in our clinic is the injection form of calcium hydroxyapetit. This material lasts for a period of seven years.

Lip Thinning

It is the process of reducing the excessive thick lips. The thick lip mucosa (red colored part) is removed with the fat tissue under a piece of an ellipse and sutured with a suitable technique. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Swelling and bruises that occur disappear within a few days. Since the traces of the sutures made in the mucosa are not visible, there is no trace problem after the operation.

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